TV Style Puppet- Spaghetti Monster

Creating a layer of tape over my desired molded shape, that will turn into my pattern of the base of the puppet.

Marking my seams to create pattern pieces that will then be scaled up to size.

Laying out my pattern on 1" upholstry foam.

Top view of my pieces glued together with barge glue.

Front view of my puppet base after inserting the mouth made of plywood and covered in my felt fabric.

Side view of my puppet base after inserting the mouth.

Draping and pinning my fabric to create as few seams as possible. Because of the shape, there had to be few seams along the sides, but I pushed them as far away from the front face as possible.

After drilling holes in the plate for the performer's hand, I glued the same felt fabric along it to prevent the hard plastic from hurting or injuring the performer.

I then attached the puppet itself to the plate.

Then, I wrapped the puppet in a long painted foam dowel to simulate cartoon-ish spaghetti.  I topped it off with giant pom-pom "meatballs" for eyes.


As part of my final submission, I had to pupeteer my spaghetti monster along to a song. Of course, I had to sing along to "I lost my poor meatball". To the left is that video!

Sock Puppets

To the right is me puppeteering my sock puppet along to "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle. 

The puppet is created from a tube sock with a gasket rubber mouth, ping-pong ball eyes, and wire arm sticks. 

Heaven is a Place on Earth Sock Pupet.mp4

Bunraku inspired Paper Puppet

Pictured is me with a quick-style paper puppet inspired by the Bunraku style of puppets. Created in class with just brown craft paper and masking tape, this puppet gives a basic understanding of joints and movement with human-like puppets.