Costume Designer and Props Head

Overgrown written by Avery Goodname was produced as a senior project at UArts in the spring of 2021. At its core, Overgrown is a hybrid musical and video game that follows the story of a small team of strangers attempting to defeat a plant villain that has taken over the city.  The show embraced its remote format through a website presentation where audience members played the game to experience the story. 

To fit the world, we utilized a mixture of realistic physical, realistic digital Images, and 2D physical props, keeping anything that was important to the characters and the story real physical props. 

A large portion of my work as the Props Head was designing 2D printable props that the actors could print and piece together on their own and then color in like a coloring book page. Here are just some of those props in the physical space,

The Hero's Handbook

The most important prop for this show was Hero's Handbook, which doubled as a  main character, appearing in both forms. Below is my digital design for the books cover, and on the right is it shown in the final piece as well as in the form of the character.

Production Credits:

Director Justin Jain

Assistant Director: Rose Farrell

Web/Game Designer: Hallie Larson

Background Illustrator: Santiago Castro

Storyboard Artist/Editor: Matt Lee

Stage Manager/Poster Design: Clay Cameron

Drag Makeup Designers: Stella, Iris Spectre

Written by Avery Goodname with the help from the Story Team:

Clay Cameron

Rose Farrell

Roz Cramer

Kaitlyn Zion

Olivia Berkson

Emma Price

Ryan Fishman

Produced by The University of the Arts