Props Head

Everybody written by Branden Jacobs Jenkins is a retelling of the 15th-century morality play Everyman. The play follows "Everybody", chosen live at each performance out of a group of "Somebodies" lottery-style, and their journey finding someone to accompany them to death. 

This production created multiple large projects for me as the Prop Head, including a realistic-style campfire (with a lit and moving flame), a scythe for the character "Death", and the fabrication of the character "Stuff".


In collaboration with the costume Designer, Allison Roberts, my largest project on the production was the creation of the character Stuff. It was important to the director that the character is not seen as a human embodiment, but rather and overtaking "trash-heap" type of look with an emphasis on both 1990/2000's nostalgic toys and today's Bezos-filled capitalism. With the lottery casting system, it was also important that any five of the cast members could become Stuff quickly during the show. 

On my end, I created a rolling platform with a chair attached, and then dressed the platform with different amazon packaging and childhood toys, even including personal items from the cast and production team.

Production Credits:

Director: Allen Radway

Set Design: Daniel Allen

Puppet/Mask Design: Brendon Gawel

Costume Design: Alison Roberts

Lighting Design: Manny Garcia

Projection Design: Taj Rauch

Sound Design: Jordan McCree

Stage Manager: Bella Capelli

Assistant Director: Raina Jackson

Assistant Costume Design/Makeup: Amanda Carano

Assistant Sound Design: Alex Dembner

Set Build: Flannel and Hammer

Produced by The University of the Arts

Photo Credit: Paola Nogueras