Psychic Investigation

Props Head

A Psychic Investigation into the Death of Someone I Once Knew written by Will Vence Jr. was produced as a senior project at UArts in the spring of 2022. The show centers around August, a private investigator returning to their hometown to investigate recent murders. The show splices between 2021 and memories of 2011.

Please note that the production's performances were cancelled during tech due to Covid-19 cases in the team. These photos are from the final dress run, when that call was made.

The primary inspiration for the production was comic books, so the designers focused on that illustrative color-block look. I translated this into the props with simplified shapes,  flat colors, and outlines.

Production Credits:

Directed by Bayla Rubin

Assistant Director: Matthew Bock

Set Designer: Frank J Oliva

Costume Designer: Asaki Kuruma

Lighting Designer: Emmanuel Garcia-Castro

Sound Designer: Isabella Devito

Visual Artist: Jonathan Balbi

Stage Manager: Kel Fleming

Fight Coordinator: Alex Cordaro

Intimacy Coordinator: Leah Walton


Ezra Quinn

Kyle Edens

Sarah Golczewski

Courtney Giugliano

Joe Britt-Simpson

Michael Ramalho

Vinnie Pontari

Carl Bright-Walck

Produced by The University of The Arts

Photo Credit: Paola Nogueras