Equinox Festival 2022

Photos by Paola Nogueras

Poster Design by Hayden Eric

The annual Equinox Festival of New Plays at UArts is a student driven festival consisting of student written short plays, entirely designed, produced, and realized by students. I served as one of four producers on the most recent festival, going up in February of 2022. Each producer headed and mentored a  department, mine being the design and technical teams. The theme for Equinox 2022, "Emotional Embrace", stemmed from my idea of wanting to explore intimacy and how it manifests differently in different relationships. when putting out a call for submissions to the student body, we presented them the festival's theme through supporting materials. Below is a visual mood-board and here is a link to a Spotify playlist I created that encompass our idea of "Emotional Embrace". 

The result became two developed plays: A Little Death by Hallie Malina and Nonmonogamy by Alex Werthauer presented in rep to create a joint festival of work. Credits to my fellow producers: Sophie Smyczek, Bryant Gipull Garcia, and Rose Farrell. Credits as well to all designers and production teams:

Design Team:

Set Designer and Props Head: Joyce Neubauer

Assistant Set Designer: Hayden Eric

Assistant Props: Squid Berk

Costume Designer: Rosie Conklin

Assistant Costume Designer: Joe Britt-Simpson

Lighting Designer: Manny Garcia

Assistant Lighting Designer: Ethan Marcotte

Sound Designer: Solomon Troupe

Technical Director: Kelly Mclaughlan

Assistant Technical Director: Anna Ryabova

Production Electrician: Sophie Smyczek

Photos by Paola Nogueras

A Little Death Production Team:

Playwright and Co-composer: Hallie Malina

Co-composer: Olivia Berkson

Director: Ava Kepple

Assistant Director: Piper Loebach

Stage Manager: Bella Capelli

Assistant Stage Manager: Chris Crawford Jr

Dramaturg: Matt Bock

Photos by Paola Nogueras

Nonmonogamy Production Team:

Playwright: Alex Werthauer

Director: Raina Jackson

Assistant Director: Tori Rodriguez

Stage Manager: Amar Brion-Fernandez

Assistant Stage Manager: Sydney Taper

Dramaturg: Sara Mascelli