Horse Girls

Props Head


This page contains production photographs containing large amounts of fake blood. Please continue at your own discretion.

Horse Girls written by Jenny Rachel Weiner introduces the audience to the members of the Lady Jean Ladies, an dedicated horse club run by pre-teen girls.

This production was set in the 2000's, as our audience and team was primarily Gen Z, we wanted to make the show resonate as much as possible. Set in one of the girls' bedrooms, this show provided me an opportunity to focus heavily on the set dressing, something I had yet to really focus on.

Production Credits:

Directed by Piper Loebach

Set Design: Nick Embree

Costume Design: Cybele Moon

Lighting Design: Thom Weaver

Sound Design: Alex Dembner

Stage Manager: Sydney Taper

Stage Combat/Blood Consultant: Alex Cordaro


Emily Maino

Emerson Howard

Carly Dagilis

Emily Rooney

Sabrina Liberatore

Zoe Hollander

Miranda Ortega

Produced by The University of the Arts

Photo Credit: Paola Nogueras