This Beautiful City

Costume Designer

This Beautiful City is based on real interviews of residents of the Evangelical capitol Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2006, just before and while the Ted Haggard scandal broke. 

The musical showcases a wide variety of characters each with their own strong opinions and religious affiliations.

Because of the amount of characters, and the cast remaining onstage for the majority of the show, I designed each actor a base look with additional pieces, rooted in styles and colors from the 90s and 2000s.

TBC Costumes Presentation.pptx

To the left is a slideshow of my designs that I presented to the cast and team. In lieu of traditional renderings, I compiled specific research images that I then based each costume on.

Production Credits:

Director: Max Segarnick

Set Designer: Cate McCrea

Lighting Designer: Keris Richmond

Sound Designer: Michael Kiley

Stage Manager: Matt Bock

Produced by The University of the Arts

Photo Credit: Paola Nogueras


Logan Brooks

Gio Coppola

Hayden Eric

Amelia Kirshon

Nate Miles-McLean

Emma Price

Gabrielle Quinn